The first END OF TERM PARTY of the SGA Barcelona Student Chapter took place on Friday July 19th at the Faculty of Geology (Universitat de Barcelona). This event consisted of four sessions of 10-minute talks in which some of the Student Chapter members explained their current research topics in English. The speakers performing the talks were 3rd and 4th year pre-graduate students of  Geology and PhD students. The first session started at 10 am and the last finished at about 5 pm, including a coffee break and the lunch break. The academic activity ended in an evening party in the terrace of the Faculty, with nice music, fresh drinks, such as the impressively delicious variety of craft beers sponsored by Raul Benages (BEVIRRA) or the best caipirinhas ever prepared in Barcelona by the advisor Joaquín Proenza, soft drinks and snacks. Well received by professors and proved to be very positive for the students, the activity was an absolute success. You can see some pictures of the party here.
Here you may find the details of the speakers and the titles of their talks:
  • Alteration mineral domains under Loma la Cuaba: new insights as to the origin of the mineralization in the Pueblo Viejo district - Lisard Torró
  • The Río Mundo dolostones (Spain): implications for MVT and hydrocarbon formation - Dídac Navarro
  • “Garnierite” ore and Ni-serpentine mineralizations from the Falcondo Ni-laterite deposit (Dominican Republic): An approach from quantitative XR element imaging - Cristina Villanova
  • PGE and REE in different types of Ni-laterite profiles from the northern Caribbean: a geochemical comparison - Thomas Aiglsperger
  • Ag-Hg vein deposits hosted by Triasic dolostones from the Mina de la Guerra Antigua, Villahermosa del Rio (Castelló, Spain) - Albert Acedo and Míriam Pastor
  • Isotopic composition of the water of crystallisation of gypsum as a tool for genetic interpretation - Carlos Arbiol
  • Alkaline magmas parental to Catanda carbonatitic lavas (Angola): melt inclusion evidence - Marc Campeny
  • Trace-element composition and U-Pb dating on perovskites from Angolan kimberlites - Montgarri Castillo
  • Proterozoic metallogeny in the NW border of Botswana - Sergi Cardona
  • Orthomagmatic deposits from Western Sahara - Núria Bach
  • Mineralogy, textures and new sulphur isotope data of the Cerro de Maimón VMS deposit ores, Dominican Republic - Joan Marc Colomer
  • The Viloco Sn-W-Mo-As deposits, Bolivia: geology and mineralogy - David Artiaga
  • The Poopó Sn-Ag-Zn-Pb vein deposit, Bolivia: structure and mineralogy - Belén Torres
  • The Huanuni Sn-W-Pb-Zn-Ag vein deposits, Bolivia: Structure and mineralogy - Laia Arqués
  • Primary and secondary deposits from the Crisoleja area (Pb-Zn-Ag-Sn), La Unión, Murcia, Spain - Aleu Andreazini and Stefania Schamuells