SGA workshop on mineral deposits related to acid magmatism (19-21 September)

The Barcelona Student Chapter is glad to inform you that the registration to our second workshop is now open!

As a result of the resounding success of the Pegmatite Workshop (October 2012), we decided to organise a new one, which we hope will be very interesting for students, young scientists and professional geologists. Therefore, this year we welcome you to join us on the SGA Workshop on mineral deposits related to acid magmatism that will be held in our faculty on September 19th-21st . A one-day field trip to visit polymetallic sulphide mineralisations (Pb-Zn-Cu-Au-PGE-Bi-Te-As-Ni-Co-V-Cr) in the Barberà Basin. You can read further information here and you can download the registration form here.