13th SGA Biennial Meeting at Nancy

Finally 12 students comprising undergraduates, master and Phd attended to the 13th SGA Biennial Meeting at Nancy, France, which took place from the 24th to the 27th of this last August. They presentend i) poster or ii) oral research projects and Final Degree Projects (TFG). For some of them this experience was a reminder of other conferences, for others their first time exposing. Either way, everybody concluded that the time spent there was… just wonderful.

The opportunity to meet experts of an specific field and entablish conversations, to attend to the diverse and rich oral presentations given by speakers from all around the world, the chance of presenting your own work and seeing others’, and finally getting to know people from other Student Chapters; all of it consisted in an amazing experience. 

  • Sandra Baurier with “Chromian spinel composition, PGE geochemistry and mineralogy of recently discovered chromitite bodies from the Loma Caribe peridotite, Dominican Republic”

  • Cristina Villanova with “Fe-Ni-rich serpentines in the saprolite horizon of Ni-laterite Carribbean deposits: a new approach from thermodynamic calculations”

  •  Thomas Aiglsperger with “Multistage PGE nugget formation in Ni-Laterites: from hypogene to supergene, new insights from Falcondo (Dominican Republic)”

  • Mariona Tarrago with “Diffusion of heavy metals during vitrification of chromium sludge in a basaltic matrix: model of a melting pond in an alumina crucible”

  • Andreu Cacho with “Huanuni, Bonanza and la Suerte mines: mineralogy, geochemistry and structure”

  • Clara Román Alday with “The Romero Cu-Au-Zn deposits, Cordillera Central, Dominican Republic: Preliminary data on the mineralogy and geochemistry of mineralization”

  • Guillem Sánchez with “Au- and PGE-rich massive sulphide deposits associated with serpentinized peridotites of the Havana-Matanzas Ophiolites, Cuba”

  • Lisard Torró with  “Geochemistry of the VMS bearing Maimón Fm. (Central Cordillera, Dominican Republic): assignation to a fore-arc environment in a nascent intraoceanic island arc”

  • Abigail Jimenez with “Mineralogical characterization of Sn deposits from the Santa Fe district, Bolivia”