We would like to announce that after several years of hard work and lots of stress, one of our members, Lisard Torró i Abat, has successfully finished his doctoral thesis!Like Cristina Vilanova de Benavent, Thomas Hans Aiglsperger and Marc Campeny Crego - the members that finished their doctoral thesis the past year - Lisard was also one of our first members, and a founder of the Student Chapter. Lisard was the Student Chapter’s president 3 years ago and has always been an active member!

Lisard Torró i Abat

With the help of his advisors; Dr. Joaquín A. Proenza and Dr. Joan Carles Melgarejo, and our unconditional support, he will defend his amazing research in the Faculty of Earth Sciences of the University of Barcelona: “The shift from subduction-initiation to true subduction in intra-oceanic systems: Tectonic, magmatic and metallogenic evolution of Early Cretaceous arc-related units of Central and Oriental cordilleras in the Dominican Republic” the next Friday 27th of January in the Aula Magna at 11:00h.