28/11/2018 – 5 th Informative Talk with Àlex Sendrós

Last 28th of November took place the 5 th session of Informative Talks organized by the Barcelona SGA-SEG Student Chapter. In this occasion, Àlex Sendrós presented the talk “Mineria de la potassa a Catalunya: El paper del geòleg en l’obtenció d’una relació sostenible amb l’ambient” (“Potash mining in Catalonia: The role of the geologist to obtain a sustainable relation with the environment”).

Àlex Sendrós works as an associate professor at the Faculty of Earth Science of the University of Barcelona and also in the Environment Department in the mining company Iberpotash-ICL Group in Súria and Sallent, in Catalonia (http://www.icliberia.com/?lang=en), since 2015.

Àlex talked about his personal experience as a Geology student and how he started working for Iberpotash-ICL Group. He talked about his work in the mine and the different protocols they developed in order to avoid contamination from the mining wastes. His talk was very clear and informative. At the end of the talk the audience asked several questions both related with the mining activities and his job as a geologist in the company, and with the experiences and decisions he made as a student. Àlex ended the session encouraging undergraduate students to travel and learn from different geological and social realities.

We would like to thank Àlex for participating in our Informative Talks sessions.