Last 13th of March we had the enormous pleasure to have Dan Wood with us, giving a talk about the Discovery of the Kencana Au-Ag ore deposit in Indonesia.

Dan Wood was the SEG Distinguished Speaker during 2018. He is an exploration geologist (nowadays retired) who was associated with a great number of significant ore deposits discoveries. Together with the Company's exploration team of the Newcrest, from which he was the Executive General Manager Exploration, they were judged by the Metals Economics Group of Canada to have been the world's most successful gold explorer, during a long period of time.

The main topic of the talk was the Kencana Au-Ag ore deposit, in Indonesia. This deposit, together with other associated to the main one (Gosowong and Toguraci), is a good example of high grade, low-sulphidation epithermal Au-Ag mineralization. He explained his experience through the discovery, exposing all the analyses obtained with the exploration of each of the deposits. An important fact is that the Kencana deposit is about three times the size of both Gosowong and Toguraci deposits. Dan remarked the important role that perseverance during the exploration process, good field work and even serendipity played in the discovery of this deposits.

We want to thank Dan Wood for such an interesting talk and for giving us the pleasure to hear his experience.