15/10/19 - 17/10/19 - Attendance of some of our members to the MMH Seville

Some of our members (Malena Cazorla, Laura Poll and Joana Lluch) had the pleasure to attend the MMH of Seville - Mining and Minerals Hall of Seville - between October 15th and October 17th.

In the meeting, there were several simultaneous sessions in which different topics were debated. Some referent speakers were invited to give a talk before the debates about topics like circular economy, the relation between mining and the ecosystems, new mining projects, etc.

The three participants want to highlight the awareness on the environmental aspects related to the industry of all those attending the congress. Due to this, the new mining projects presented had a detailed plan for the restoration of the surroundings of the mine once the mineral extraction finishes. In addition, a high percentage of the talks discussed issues related to the preservation of the environment and the need for review and control the projects, including the effects of mine waste, environmental degradation, and ecosystems around the mine area.

Moreover, the participants had the opportunity to contact many mining companies that participated in promotion stands. In these, people currently working in mines and mine services gave them advices on the importance of having a decisive attitude when applying for a job in the mining industry (it is not only important the qualifications they have during your degree or master's degree, but also how they face the problems, how they deal with them and also the importance of having the willpower to continue and achieve their objectives).

Finally, we want to continue encouraging students to attend this type of meetings and conferences related to the mining industry and mining companies, since mining is essential for our society, not only for its development towards greener energy and services but also in our daily life. Mining without a negative impact on the environment is possible, and we, the geologists, are the ones who have the power to change people's bad opinions about mining.