Splendid visit to the Museu de Ciències Naturals (Natural History Museum) of Barcelona

The last 30th November the Barcelona SGA Student Chapter visited the Natural History Museum (Museu de Ciències Naturals – Museu Blau) of Barcelona. The tour was kindly guided by Marc Campeny, member of the Student Chapter, and Yael Díaz, both curators of this Museum.

The Natural History Museum, founded 132 years ago, restarted recently in a new building (Museu Blau). The exhibition holds over three million specimens in the fields of mineralogy, petrology, palaeontology, zoology and botany from all over the world.

The attendants enjoyed the event and the interesting explanations by the staff. The visit began with an itinerary through the history of the Earth, from the Precambrian to the present, with the observation of characteristic rocks and fossils of each period. The exhibition ends with about 1000 mineral specimens.

The event concluded with a social dinner, karaoke and party.

Doctoral Thesis: Kimberlites associated with the Lucapa structure, Angola

Next Monday, on 12th November, Sandra Robles Cruz, who has been a PhD student in our Department and member of our research group, will defend her thesis " Kimberlites associated with the Lucapa structure, Angola". You will have the chance to learn a lot about these fascinating volcanic rocks and the valuable information that can be obtained from their study. Everyone is very welcome to the presentation!

Day: Monday, 12th November

Hour: 10:30

Room: Aula Magna

Talks by Carl E. Nelson

Carl E. Nelson  is a senior consulting geologist and, since September 1988, the president of Recursos del Caribe, S.A., a consulting firm incorporated in Costa Rica and Panama (www.cbmap.net/consulting/carl-e-nelson). He kindly agreed to give two talks for the SGA Barcelona Student Chapter during his stay in Barcelona. Undoubtedly, this is a very good opportunity to meet a professional of the mining exploration and learn from his wide experience as consulting geologist. Everyone is very welcome!

Day: Tuesday, 6th November
Room: Aula Magna

Talk: The Pueblo Viejo deposit (Dominican Republic): characteristics and genetic models -- Características del depósito Pueblo Viejo (República Dominicana) y modelos genéticos
Hour: 17:00

Questions and answers: The role of the geologist in a junior mining company: conversation with a 30-year experience consulting geologist -- El papel de un geólogo en una empresa minera júnior
Hour: 18:00

Talk: Femic magma: a new player in the game

Due to the success of the previous talk by Dr. Robert F. Martin, he agreeded to give a second lecture also related with anorogenic magmatism.  This time the title of the talk will be: Femic magma: a new player in the game. We hope to see you next Monday (29th October) at 18:00 (Room 2) !

You can donwload the slides of the talk here.

Talk: Punctuated anorogenic magmatism and its links with metallogeny

Dr. Robert Martin from the McGill University(Canada) is at the faculty for two weeks and he very kindly agreed to give a talk for the students and professors. Undoubtedly it is a great opportunity to learn from an expert on mineralogy and ore deposits, one who has been editor of The Canadian Mineralogist for more than 30 years. The title of the talk will be "Punctuated anorogenic magmatism and its links with metallogeny"  and it will be given on 22th October at 13:00  (Room 4). Everyone is very welcome to this interesting talk!

To learn more about this topic:

Martin, R.F. (2012): The petrogenesis of anorogenic felsic magmas and AMCG suites: Insights on element mobility and mutual cryptic contamination from polythermal experiments. Lithos, 151, 35-45.
Martin, R.F., Sokolov, M., Magaji, S.S. (2012): punctuated anorogenic magmatism. Lithos, 152, 132-140.

You can donwload the slides of the talk here.

First activity of the Bcn Student Chapter: a full success !

The first activity organized by the Barcelona SGA Student Chapter, the Pegmatites Workshop, took place last week and it was an absolute success. In fact, the three-day course had a good attendance of both students and professors, and included very interesting talks given by experienced specialists on this topic.

MSc Sandra Amores gave a comprehensive two-hour lesson on the basics of pegmatites during the first day of the workshop (10th October), which included sample observation of pegmatite characteristic minerals and textures. This lesson was considered to be very positive by the students, in special by those that had never heard of pegmatites. The effort of Sandra is gratefully acknowledged!

October 11th was the main day of the workshop. Six talks were given by invited lecturers from France, Portugal, Basque Country and Catalonia. We would like to give our most sincere thanks to Dr Pura Alfonso, Dr Marieke Van Lichtervelde, Dr Alexandre M. Lima, Dr Joan Carles Melgarejo, Dr Salvador Martínez and Dr. Encarnación Roda for their participation in our event.

Finally, on the third day of the workshop we visited the Cap de Creus pegmatitic area. This field trip was led by Dr Joan Carles Melgarejo and Dr Pura Alfonso and allowed us to visit several types of pegmatites. It was a great opportunity to understand the formation and evolution mechanisms of these bodies, the mineral zoning, and even to learn some exploration tricks on the identification of the more evolved pegmatites: watch out for mitridatite!!

From our point of view, the event was an awesome experience as organizers, and we hope that it was profitable for all the students from Catalonia, Portugal and Angola that attended the course.

You can see some pictures here, courtesy of Omar Corrales, member of the Barcelona Student Chapter.

Pegmatites Workshop (11-12 October)


Field trip registration has been closed.

Are you interested in pegmatites? You are very welcome to the first activity organised by the Barcelona SGA student Chapter!

In addition you will have the chance to visit the pegmatitic field of Cap de Creus (Costa Brava)!


Sergi Cardona Garcia
4th year student
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August 2012: SGA-BCN student members in Bolivia

Three members of our Student Chapter (Belén Torres, David Artiaga and Lisard Torró) together with our advisor Joan Carles Melgarejo, have spent three weeks in Bolivia doing a comprehensive sampling of some of the main mines of the country. The sampled mines belong to the Pb-Ag-Zn and Sn metallogenetic belts into the Eastern Andes and Altiplano units. Huanuni, Viloco, San José-Itos, Llallagua, Tasna, Colquechaca world-class deposits are among the visited districts. You can see some pictures of their field work in the gallery. Belén Torres and David Artiaga are expected to do their Final Degree Project from this samplings. Our best wishes for these two colleagues!


The BCN - SGA Student Chapter has been created!