The Barcelona SGA-SEG Student Chapter proundly announces that Dr Thomas Aiglsperger, one of the founders and first president of our association, has obtained a position as associate senior lecturer in the University of Luleå, Sweden. The past and current members want to congratulate him and send him our best wishes in this new adventure.

Workshop 2017: “PGE (Platinum Group Elements) / PGM (Platinum Group Minerals) in the oceanic paleolithosphere”

The SGA-SEG Barcelona Student Chapter is organising the 6th Annual Workshop, entitled “PGE / PGM  in the oceanic paleolithosphere”.

The workshop will take place in Barcelona the 30th of November and 2nd of December 2017. The first day includes an introductory course, mainly aimed to undergraduate students, to learn the basics of PGE (Platinum Group Elements)/PGM (Platinum Group Minerals). During the second day, international experts on the topic will give the following talks:

-        “The role of arsenic in collecting and concentrating PGE”, given by Fernando Gervilla (University of Granada, Spain)

-        “Using LA-ICP-MS for in situ determination of PGE and other related elements in magmatic sulphide minerals: implications for metallogenesis and exploration”, given by Rubén Piña (Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain)

-        “Petrogenesis of PGM in mantle-hosted chromitite deposits”, given by José María González Jiménez (University of Granada, Spain)

-        “PGE mobilization and PGM neoformation in the supergene environment”, given by Thomas Aiglsperger(University of Luleå, Sweden)

-        “How to make a PGM?”, given by Anna Vymazalová (Czech Geological Survey)

The workshop will be completed with a fieldtrip to Bou Azzer (Morocco) from 5th to 10th of December. The fieldtrip will be coordinated with members of the Marrakech SGA Student Chapter. The participants will be able to visit the Bou Azzer Mine, a full ophiolitic sequence and the chromitites from Aït Ahmane.

The workshop and the fieldtrip are sponsored by the Society for Geology Applied to Mineral Deposits (SGA).

There is no inscription fee, but attendants should assume travel and accommodation expenses. However, all participants should fill the inscription form. Places in the introductory course and the field trip are very limited and will be filled in chronological order of application. The link to the form is shown below.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Barcelona!

*More information will be provided in the following days!

Una passejada per Baldomar: les bauxites de ponent

Volem fer difusió de l’esdeveniment: “Una passejada per Baldomar: les bauxites de ponent”.

Es tracta d’una jornada sobre geologia a Baldomar (Lleida) orientada a la mineria de bauxites on es pretén fer difusió del projecte d’un nou geoparc a Catalunya. L’ENTRADA ÉS GRATUÏTA. La jornada tindrà lloc el proper 14 d'octubre, amb la següent programació:

14/10/2017 – Dissabte - 14h00
Dinar popular (Amanida, sardina i llonganissa a la brasa, postres amb porro de vi dolç i cafè) Organitza l’Ajuntament: preu entre 10 i 11 €.
Lloc de trobada: Plaça sota el Museu a les 14h00

14/10/2017 – Dissabte – 17h00
Visita Cultural per Baldomar: Museu Arqueològic i Paleontològic. ’Església de l’Assumpció
Lloc de trobada: Davant del Museu Arqueològic i Paleontològic a les 17h00

14/10/2017 – Dissabte – 19h00
Visita al Museu Museu Arqueològic i Paleontològic: “La Bauxita a les comarques de Ponent”.
Conferència sobre: "La geologia del Pirineu Meridional: El Parc Geològic i miner de la Noguera"
A càrrec de: Dr. Josep Ma Mata-Perelló (Magister Honoris Causa per la Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya)
Lloc de trobada: Casal Cultural de Baldomar a les 19h00


Next Wednesday September 20th professor Robert F. Martin from McGill University (Canada) will be giving the talk entitled: "The clusters of accessory minerals in Grenville marble crystallized from globules of melt".


14th SGA Biennial Meeting in Quebec City (Canada)

From August 20 to 23th two members of our Student Chapter, Núria Pujol Solà (president) and Júlia Farré de Pablo, attended the 14th SGA Biennial Meeting in Quebec City.

They had the opportunity to present their work related to Platinum Group Minerals in ophiolitic chromitites:

foto de Bcn SGA SEG Student Chapter.foto de Bcn SGA SEG Student Chapter.

 And also they represented the Barcelona Student Chapter during the SGA General Assembly and had contact with the other student chapters from around the world.

foto de Bcn SGA SEG Student Chapter.foto de Mateo Espinel.

Last but not least, we proudly announce that Júlia Farré de Pablo received the award for the best poster presentation!

foto de SGA Network.

We also want to thank the SGA Educational Fund for the scholarships received to attend this meeting.

4-7th July 2017: Spanish Society of Mineralogy XXXVI Scientific Meeting

Last July, some of our members (Júlia Farré, Thomas Aiglsperger, Diego Domínguez), former members (Cristina Villanova) and our advisor Joaquín Proenza took part in the last meeting of the Spanish Society of Mineralogy, held in Oviedo (Asturias).

All of them presented different topics related to ore deposits, like Platinum Group Minerals or Rare Earth Elements minerals, in short presentations of 10-15 minutes.

We are very proud to announce that one of our members, Júlia Farré, received a prize for her presentation entitled “The exotic composition of chromitites from the Loma Caribe ophiolite, Dominican Republic”.

20/07/2017 Fieldtrip through Catalonia

During the first week of September we have organized a feldtrip in Catalonia in collaboration with the Siberia and Prague SGA Student Chapters, make sure to make the necessary applications.


Lluís Fontboté (M.Sc., University of Granada, Spain; Ph.D., Heidelberg University, Germany) is a full professor at the University of Geneva, Switzerland, where he leads a research group that is active worldwide. His main area of expertise is epithermal polymetallic deposits linked to porphyry systems, iron oxide copper gold deposits, and MVT deposits. In collaboration with his students, Lluís has also published work focusing on VHMS and orogenic gold deposits, mainly in the Andes, as well as on acid mining drainage. He has worked in exploration for several commodities. 
This year he is the distinguished lecturer of the SEG and we will have the great honour to have him with us giving the talk: "Cordilleran polymetallic deposits as a deposit class in porphyry systems". The talk will be next 24th March at 11.30h in the Sala de Juntes.
We hope to see many of you!


Hugo Domínguez, from Dominican Republic, will be in the University of Barcelona next Monday (30/01/2017) giving the talk: “La exploración minera desde el punto de vista de un gerente de exploración” (Mining exploration from the perspective of an exploration manager). The talk will be at 11h at room 4.

He will speak about his long experience in the exploration field mainly in Dominican Republic but also in Central and South America. He will focus on the application of different technologies such as: SIG, teledetection, mineralogy and UAVS.

Citing the author:

“Un recuento de nuestras vivencias y experiencias a través de los años adquiridas en diferentes proyectos de exploración principalmente en la República Dominicana, Centro y Sudamérica. Con interés especial en las aplicaciones de las tecnologías de SIG, teledetección, mineralogía y más recientemente UAVs. En esta ponencia compartiremos nuestras experiencias ganadas y comentaremos sobre las virtudes de las aplicaciones de estas tecnologías a los fines prácticos del objetivo fundamental de la exploración, el hallazgo de yacimientos minerales de potencial económico. Compartiremos además de nuestras vivencias en el entorno ambiental y social de los proyectos.”

See you next Monday!


We would like to announce that after several years of hard work and lots of stress, one of our members, Lisard Torró i Abat, has successfully finished his doctoral thesis!Like Cristina Vilanova de Benavent, Thomas Hans Aiglsperger and Marc Campeny Crego - the members that finished their doctoral thesis the past year - Lisard was also one of our first members, and a founder of the Student Chapter. Lisard was the Student Chapter’s president 3 years ago and has always been an active member!

Lisard Torró i Abat

With the help of his advisors; Dr. Joaquín A. Proenza and Dr. Joan Carles Melgarejo, and our unconditional support, he will defend his amazing research in the Faculty of Earth Sciences of the University of Barcelona: “The shift from subduction-initiation to true subduction in intra-oceanic systems: Tectonic, magmatic and metallogenic evolution of Early Cretaceous arc-related units of Central and Oriental cordilleras in the Dominican Republic” the next Friday 27th of January in the Aula Magna at 11:00h.