Núria Pujol Solà
2nd year PhD Student (UB)
During my Bachelor at the University of Barcelona I worked in the field of hydrothermal deposits and I did my project on pyrites enriched in heavy elements (Sb, As, Tl, Hg...) formed in shallow submarine veins in the Dominica Island (Lesser Antilles). For this, I used synchrotron light to perform micro-diffraction in the samples.
I did my master’s degree at the University of Geneva (Switzerland). There, I took the orientation of Geochemistry, Alpine Tectonics and Ore Deposits and my master thesis was about metal geochemistry and Cu-Zn isotope compositions of volcanic gas condensates and volcanic rocks from the Vulcano Island (Italy). The main interest of the project was the analysis, for the first time, of Cu and Zn isotopes on this variety of samples.
Currently I am doing my PhD at the University of Barcelona (supervised by Joaquin Proenza) studying exotic minerals in ophiolitic chromitites from Cuba, Colombia and Morocco.
As for my interest, I like travelling and really enjoy outdoor activities like hiking. I am also an amateur archaeologist in summer.

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