Our advisor, Dr Joaquín A. Proenza, and our Vice-president, Lisard Torró, attended the V Cuban Earth Science Convention (congress web) in April 1st - 5th that took place in the Convention Palace in Havana, Cuba. This Convention embraced five scientific events (X Cuban Geology Congress, VII Cuban Geophysics Congress, V Cuban Mining Congress, IV Cuban Oil and Gas Congress and the XI Cuban Informatics and Geosciences Congress-GEOINFO) and was attended by more than 650 delegates from the five continents. Joaquín and Lisard presented up to five talks and one poster with the following titles:

  • Alteration minerals domains registered under Loma La Cuaba: new insights on the origin of Pueblo Viejo deposit.
  • Depósitos “no convencionales” de elementos del grupo del platino (EGP).
  • Comparison of trace-element geochemistry of Loma Caribe peridotites (Dominican Republic) with others peridotite bodies along the northern margin of the Caribbean Plate.
  • The evolution of the Caribbean lithospheric mantle seen in platinum-group minerals and zircons from chromitites of the Mayarí-Baracoa Ophiolitic Belt (Cuba).
  • “Garnierite” mineralizations from the Falcondo Ni-laterite deposit (Dominican Republic): new insights from XR quantitative element imaging.
  • Occurrence of scandium and rare earth elements in laterites from Cuba and the Dominican Republic

Joaquín and Lisard also took part in an amazing post conference field trip to ophiolites in the Havana-Matanzas region.

In Havana they met old and good friends of our student chapter such as Carl E. Nelson and José Batista among many other colleagues that we hope that will collaborate with our association in the future.