Gold Deposits: From theory to exploration

During this September, 8 members of our Student Chapter had the opportunity to attend the “Gold deposits: from theory to exploration practice” course, held at the “Faculty of Science, Charles University Prague, Czech Republic” and given by professor David Groves.

The first lecture consisted on an introduction to exploration philosophy and techniques. During the next two days, two models of gold deposits formation were presented: the gold deposits related to intrusive activity in lithospheric boundaries and the orogenic gold deposits. Finally, the course ended with a lecture about the Mokrsko gold deposit located in the central part of the Bohemian Massif, by Professor Jiri Zacharias. In order to discuss this subject we divided in small groups so it would be easier for all of us to take part in the debate.

Apart from all we had the pleasure to learn, we also had time to enjoy the nightlife of this monumental city. To conclude, we would like to highlight the many friends from other Student Chapters we made, especially with the Siberia group.