Congratulations to our new council!

Past wednesday 18th of september elections were held to elect a new council of our Student Chapter. Following the submissions of contenders, members who atteneded the meeting voted for the only list presented. Finally after all hands up for, the list of representatives was elected unanimously. We need to thank our past council who worked hard to implement this Student Chapter and get were we are. Thanks to Thomas Ailgsperger for being an exelent president and to  the rest of the team: Lisard as vice-president, Cristina Vilanova as secretary, Sandra Amores as treasurer and David Artiaga as web master. Now is time to pass the baton to new team and still have achievements that we have had to date. Congratulations to Lisard Torró, our new president, and rest of council, Stefania Schamuells as vice-president, Núria Pujol as secretary, Lena Portell as treasurer and Omar Corrales as webmaster. Further positions newly created include Marina Galindos as Signage Committee, Sònia Jou as Ludic Events Committee, Maria Clara Roman as 3rd year Student Committee, Júlia Farré as 4th year Student Committee and Sandra Amores as PhD Student Committee.