Antonio Arribas Moreno-Honorific Advisor of the BCN-SGA Student Chapter

During the second workshop organized by the BCN-SGA Student Chapter (University of Barcelona, 19th-21st September 2013) a well-deserved homage to Antonio Arribas Moreno was celebrated, to honour his career and his contribution to the study and research in the field of mineral deposits.

Antonio Arribas Moreno was born in Madrid in 1922. He obtained the degree of Natural Sciences in 1948 and afterwards he graduated in Economic Geology in 1961 in the University of Madrid.

Even so, his entire academic career was developed at the University of Salamanca where he founded the department of Crystallography, Mineralogy and Ore Deposits in 1965 – the first official Ore Deposit department settled in the Iberian Peninsula. He was the dean of the School of Sciences from 1970 to 1987 as well as the director of the Spanish Institute of Applied Geology from 1980 to 1987.

During his academic life he directed more than 125 final degree projects and around 35 PhD Theses, and worked with people from all around the globe.

Antonio, without a doubt whatsoever, is one of the fathers of Ore Deposit research in the Iberian Peninsula and other territories such as the Western Sahara, where he supported until very recently several field investigations in collaboration with students and professors from the University of Barcelona.

For all these reasons together with his kind personality and neverchanging young soul we are extremely pleased to present Antonio Arribas Moreno as the Honorific Advisor of the BCN-SGA Student Chapter.

Welcome Antonio!