During three months, Lisard Torró, our president, has developed a fieldwork campaign in the Dominican Republic thanks to a grant awarded by the SEG (Society of Economic Geologists).  This work is part of his PhD Thesis research about the metallogeny of metallic deposits in Cordillera Central in this country.

The main part of the stay was devoted to developing a detailed mapping and sampling in the Los Ranchos Formation materials close to Cotuí city area; with the purpose of finding the fresher outcrops, several tens of rivers and arroyos were gone over, machete in hand. The other part of the campaign was developed in the Cerro Maimón mine and surroundings and consisted of both fieldwork along several rivers and the logging and sampling of drill cores from new prospects in Maimón Fm. and Bayaguana areas.

During his stay, Lisard taught two subjects at ITECO, the unique university of the country with a program in Geology. A total of 42 students had to bear his lessons!

Júlia Farré, a last-year student of Geology at UB and the 4th year Student Committee of our Student Chapter, had also the opportunity to work in Dominican Republic in order to develop the fieldwork related with her Final Degree Thesis about the petrology and geochemistry of the most deformed rocks in the Maimón Formation; this Formation hosts the Cerro Maimón mine, currently the only VMS deposit under production in the Caribbean. During the week she spent there, a comprehensive field and core sampling was carried out.

Both insist to stress their gratitude to all collaborators (SEG, CORMIDOM-PERYLIA, EVERTON and individuals) that allowed them to develop an essential part of their research as well as, although the hard work carried out, to live a superb vital experience.