2015 Closure Event

2015 academics’ year ending consisted in diverse outstanding talks given by both undergraduated and graduated students (Phd). Lisard Torró presented Weathering Profile of The Cerro de Maimón Vms Deposit (Dominican Republic): Textures, Mineralogy, Gossan Evolution and Mobility of Gold and Silver in Pope for an hour session, whilst numerous other students gave a short and intensive 10 minutes talks in english:

Daniel Rodríguez with “Au mineralisation in listvenites from a serpentinisedophiolite complex in Mina Descanso (Central Cuba)”, Mariona Tarragó with “Diffusion of heavy metals during vitrification of chromium sludge in a basaltic matrix: model of a melting pond in an alumina crucible”, Miriam Pastor with “The San José-Itos mines, Oruro, Bolivia: Structure and Ag-Sn Mineralization”, Lisard Torró with  “Geochemistry of the VMS bearing Maimón Fm. (Central Cordillera, Dominican Republic): assignation to a fore-arc environment in a nascent intraoceanic island arc”, Cristina Villanova with “Ni-enrichment processes revealed by TEM imaging on garnierites”, Clara Román Alday with “The Romero Cu-Au-Zn deposits, Cordillera Central, Dominican Republic: Preliminary data on the mineralogy and geochemistry of mineralization”.

These presentations consisted in the exposition of final degree Projects (TFG), final master Projects (TFM) and even other post-master research projects, all of them resulting in succesful talks which enhaced motivation and participation within attendants. After these sessions a coffee stand was displayed and every participant could enjoy the company of our collegues and bid farewell to our friends before entering the forecoming summer.