Bye Bye Doctoral Thesis

We are joyful to announce that our first members – the same who founded, started to develop and build our Student Chapter – have finished their doctoral thesis! After enduring years of intense dedication and laborious hard work, which include “the syndrome of PhD stress suffering” and “high peaks of registered enthusiasm and motivation”, Cristina Villanova de Benavent, Thomas Hans Aiglsperger and Marc Campeny Crego have finally completed with excellence their goal and undergone the best way possible this adventure. It’s unbelievable the way time flies: only some years ago these amazing people were on the verge of beginning a doctoral thesis – a complicated and hard path but, when looked back; it leaves you a great feedback of awesome memories, an enormous backpack full of experience and the undeniable feeling that by confronting this challenge you cannot fear working on new ideas and that whatever it may-be-to-come. You will take it and overcome it.

From left to right: Cristina Villanova de Benavent, Thomas Hans Aiglsperger and Marc Campeny Crego. 

Always counting with the support of their advisors; Joaquín Proenza and Salvador Galí (for Cristina Villanova), Joaquín Proenza (for Thomas Aiglsperger) and Joan Carles Melgarejo Draper and José Mangas (for Marc Campeny), our first members, including our first president between them, will defend their work during the following weeks in the Faculty of Geology of the University of Barcelona:

Cristina Villanova de Benavent with "Compositional and structural charaterisation of Ni-phyllosilicates in hydrous silicate type Ni-laterite deposits" on the 11th of December 2015 in the Aula Magna at 11.00 h.

Thomas Hans Aiglsperger with "Mineralogy and geochemistry of the platinum group elements (PGE), rare earth elements (REE) and scandium in nickel laterites" on the 17th of December 2015 in the Aula Magna at 11.00 h.

Marc Campeny Crego with “The carbonatitic volcanism of Catanda, Angola” on the 20th of January 2016 in the Aula Magna at 11.00 h.