Coffee stand 21st September

On day 21st of September a coffee stand was organized by the SGA-SEG members in order to welcome the new academic year. The planned activities encompassed the whole morning and afternoon and included diverse talks. The first three presentations corresponded to the final degree project of three graduated members from 2016: 
Mineralogía y Geoquímica del Yacimiento de bauxitas Las Mercedes y otros depósitos de la Sierra de Bahoruco, República Dominicana, by Daniel García, Multidisciplinary mineralogical characterization of PGM from the Loma Caribe peridotite, (Dominican Republic), by Sandra Baurier and Geochemical characterization of Late Neogene tephra layers in the Minas de Hellín and Cenajo Basins (SE Spain), by Anna Mireia Rabaza.
In addition, few members who attended the collaborative expedition with the Siberian Student Chapter this previous summer 2016 reported their experience in a casual and relaxed way before continuing with the welcoming celebration of the new academic year.