Leapfrog Course

The SGA-SEG Barcelona Student Chapter is organising a free course of Leapfrog (a dynamic geological modelling program) that will be given by Clare Baxter in 18, 19, and 20 of December 2017 (http://www.leapfrog3d.com/products & http://www.leapfrog3d.com/academic/teaching).

We have acquired free licences of Leapfrog Geo from AranzGeo-Seequent (https://www.aranzgeo.com). They have given us these licences in order to use it in a scientific and education purposes. Our goal is that these licences will we available to all Earth Sciences Faculty (UB). This software has many appliances in geology such as Geological 3D Models, Hydrocarbon exploration...

This is the link to the form that will be open until 4 of December 2017: