Last 12th of September 2019, a meeting took place in the Auditorium of the Museum of the La Plata National University, Argentina, convened by Dr. Diego Guido's initiative (SEG Advisor from the Natural Sciences Faculty and the just mentioned Museum). In the meeting, the president of our Student Chapter, Ariana Carrazana, shared our way of working in the generation of content and the activities related to the study of ore deposits. After the presentation of the Student Chapter, a debate between all the assistants in the meeting took place, where they discussed how the participation and the learning in a Student Chapter can involve students since the beginning of their degrees in Geology.

Inside the international cooperation framework in which it is pretended to promote with the institutions that are associated with us, it was presented the actual situation of the Pilot Project of Mineralogy Collection UB, in which more than 30 different universities are already collaborating (by giving support, giving away samples for the completion of the collections, etc.). In this context, the UNLP Student Chapter gave away enargite samples so that they could be added to the collection.


We feel grateful with the exchanges it has been generated with the Geology students from the La Plata University, with whom we were able to share methodologies, tips, ideas and schemes of how to use different tools to reach a self-learning about geology and ore deposits, which are complementary and extracurricular to the academic formation in the University. These ideas permit us to work in research projects and prepare us to face management and teamwork facts, which are essential nowadays.

We want to thank all the UNLP SEG Student Chapter, the founders of the Student Chapter (since 1998), all the ex-presidents and the teachers from subjects related to the study of ore mineral deposits that did not doubt to assist to this session and to share their experiences.

We wish to continue sharing a lot of new coming projects together.