Ariana Carrazana Di Lucia

  PhD student at UB

I am Argentinian, and I currently live in Barcelona because I am doing my doctoral thesis focused on the study of manganese mineralization associated with alkaline and peralkaline volcanic rocks on the island of Sardinia, in Italy.

I began to study geology for my passion with the mountains; I carry it implicitly in my daily life, as a sport and as part of my work. Due to this I graduated in 2006 at the National University of Cordoba, Argentina and then I started working with porphyry copper in a mine close to my hometown. In 2010, I came to the University of Barcelona for the first time to become a Master in Geologic Materials, Resources and Processes. The following year I returned to my country and continued with private mining activity (Bajo de la Alumbrera) until 2014, my last job was as Senior Exploration Geologist as responsible for exploration programs in Brownfield areas: porphyry copper-gold system and epithermal vein-type systems (Bajo El Durazno, Bajo La Chilca, Los Amarillos, Morro Bola and La Josefa-Santo Domingo) at Catamarca Province, Argentina. While working in 2012 I did a Qualified Program specialized in Geometallurgy applied to Mineral Resources Optimization.
In my University life stages that have forged my vocation of service with different positions adhonorem as: Student Adviser at the School of Geology of the National University of Córdoba (2005 and 2006).  Student Assistant in the Chair of Mineralogy and Mineral Research Methods (2003 and 2004) and Student Assistant in the Chair of Geomorphology (2002). 
Practice Speleology as a sport and this led me to be Director of Science, Exploration and Investigation and Director of the Technical School in Cordoba Speleological Center (2005). 
I like traveling around the world. I love photography and one of my hobbies is to build puzzles listening to classical music.


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