Francina Saiz Garcia
3rd Year undergraduate

Hello there, my name is Francina Saiz Garcia, i’m in 2nd grade of Geology degree at Universitat de Barcelona.

I chose this grade when I was fifteen, when we started to study geologic maps. That’s when I noticed my abilities to see in 3D and the passion I felt for understanding the tectonics.

What I wanted the most was to learn how to think, not just learn words and things, but how to deduce theories based on what I can see.

I have been sniffing around maps and google earth all my life. I have always been questioning myself how the world and landscapes work.

I live in la Garrotxa and I always have had nightmares about the volcanoes blowing up and chasing me, which I think that’s a curious fact.

One fun anecdote was my excitation about rocks since I was 2 years old. Once, me and my family were in a beach and I run to my mum shouting I had found a Stone, but the beach was entirely made out of stones.

I have joined the SGA because of the opportunities that it can bring, including the trips and complementary formation, etc.

One of my most regular hobbies are ballet, but I enjoy watching movies, drawing and writing when I want to break away a little bit.