Cèlia Molina Bonaterra
2nd Year undergraduate

I’m currently coursing the 1rst and 2nd year of Geology at the University of Barcelona, Earth Sciences faculty.

I decided to study this degree because I find it exciting the way the study of the geological process and developments feel like a detective investigation, finding clues to create a logical theory that suits the matter. May seem childish but that’s what I was looking forward (even if I didn’t know exactly what I was up to).

That’s why I’m particularly interested in structural geology and dynamics of Earth most than in mineralogy, though I really like crystallography too.

Actually, I’m interested in almost everything related to geology, every subject it’s connected to one another.

I combine my academic life with volunteer work with children in an excursionist group, taking any chance of teaching them interesting facts about the mountains we visit.

In my spare time, I like reading and writing.  I’m interested in psychology and biology too and I enjoy learning by myself.