Helena Escalona
MSc student

My name is Helena Escalona and I graduated in Geology in 2018 by Universitat de Barcelona, my final degree project was a fluid inclusions study. Afterwards, I did an Erasmus + for graduates in Università degli Studi di Milano, working in microstructural analysis of metamorphic rocks from the Alps basement. Currently, in 2020, I’m studying my master’s degree in Geology and Ore Deposits Modelling (UB), working for the final master’s project with ophiolites.

Since I was a child, I enjoyed mountain and forest trips and I had a big curiosity about our world processes. That’s why I’m geologist, through this science we can learn about the formation and story of our planet and it’s fascinating.

I’m also curious about other sciences and I like to read divulgation about astronomy, quantum physics, nutrition and psychology. As well as I love trekking, travel and discover new places.