Mirko Costanzi
1st year undergraduate

Hello everyone, my name is Mirko Costanzi and I’m attending the first year of Geology at Universitat de Barcelona. I am Italian but moved to Barcelona due to working reasons.
Since I was a little child I’ve always had 2 big passions, aviation/aerospace and geology (weird, I know). Well, I have reached a good career level on one of them, since I am a senior first officer flying cool pressurised tin cans in Europe’s skies and now I have gathered my courage again and started University in order to follow the path of geosciences.
For now the goal is to merge these two worlds and specialise myself in planetary geology/astrogeology.
In a nutshell my interest is knowledge. Understanding the world we live in either by flying or excavating in a mine.
That’s why I've joined SGA student chapter, for knowledge. As far as I know we are starting now considering minerals deposits in asteroids and other planets, I want to gain knowledge on the theme trough the student chapter activities.
I have also a life outside of working and studying, I especially enjoy music, sports, travelling and every activity in open air.
Thanks for reading, have a good one!