Four members of the Barcelona SGA student chapter, Sandra Amores, Marc Campeny, Montgarri Castillo and Lisard Torró, all PhD students, have been awarded a Student Research Grant from the Society of Economic Geologist in order to develop the fieldwork related with their PhD during 2013.

Particularly, these four grants are provided for the Hugh E. McKinstry Fund which granted students whose projects involve studies of mines or ore districts, topical studies toward improved understanding of ore genesis, and experimental research in field applications.

Sandra Amores has been selected to receive a grant for an amount of $US 3,750 to sample and study Monte Verde and Coola carbonatites from Huambo province in Angola. Marc Campeny has been awarded $US 2,500 to carry on with his research in Catanda extrusive carbonatite located in Kwanza Sul, Angola. Montgarri Castillo received $US 3000 in order to advance in her research in diamantiferous kimberlites from Angola. Finally, Lisard Torró has been awarded $US 3000 to finance the fieldwork related with a detailed mapping of the Hatillo Sheet (central Dominican Republic) where Cerro Maimón and the world-class Pueblo Viejo deposits are located.