The Barcelona SGA-SEG Student Chapter was founded by SGA student members from the Faculty of Earth Sciences of the University of Barcelona (UB) in summer 2012.

We are an international group formed by undergraduate, Master and  PhD students, specialized in Mineralogy, Economic Geology and Mineral Deposits. All the members of this student chapter have already developed mineralogical studies on a wide range of deposit types, including epithermal, porphyry copper, laterites, carbonatites, kimberlites, hydrothermal, pegmatites, red-beds, BIFs, ophiolite-related deposits and SEDEX.

The aim of this association is to attract pre-graduate Geology students to the field of Mineral Deposits and Economic Geology. The activities organised by the Barcelona SGA-SEG Student Chapter are expected to encourage young scientists as well as to inspire undergraduate students for research projects related to Mineral Deposits and Economic Geology. In addition, we intend to create a meeting point for knowledge and research on these topics in our faculty and society, involving not only professors, lecturers and PhD students, but also undergraduate students. 


President: Pau Fresno

Vicepresident: Núria Ballesteros

Secretary: Vicente Ignacio Carrasco

Treasurer: María Sierra

Webmaster: Rafael Marín

Advisors: Cristina Villanova & Núria Pons

About the SGA

The Society for Geology Applied to Mineral Deposits (SGA) is an international scientific society that promotes the science of mineral deposits geology. Its worldwide membership of approximately 700 is composed of researchers, professionals and students from university, industry and government interested in economic geology, mineral resources, industrial minerals and environmental aspects related to mineral deposits. Its publication, Mineralium Deposita, is recognized as a premier international scientific journal on mineral deposits geology. The SGA organizes biennial scientific meetings and publishes the proceedings. The objectives of the SGA are:  

  • To advance the application of scientific knowledge in the study and the  development of mineral resources and their environment,
  • To promote the profession of geology in science and industry,
  • To cultivate personal contacts for mutually beneficial relationships,
  • To protect and improve professional and ethical standards among its members.

The SGA was founded in 1965 in Heidelberg and incorporated in Switzerland in 1971. 


About the SEG

The Society of Economic Geologists, Inc., (SEG) is an international organization of individual members with interests in the field of economic geology. The Society's membership includes representatives from industry, academia, and government institutions. Annual meetings, publications, field conferences, and short courses ensure an active communication of economic geology-related concepts within the membership and with the economic geology profession at large. An individual may apply for membership as Fellow, Member or Student Member.The objectives of the Society are as follows:

  • To advance the science of geology through the scientific investigation of mineral deposits and mineral resources and the application thereof to exploration, mineral resource appraisal, mining and mineral extraction.
  • To disseminate basic and applied scientific information arising from investigations of mineral deposits and mineral resources through SEG publications, meetings, symposia, conferences, field trips, short courses, workshops and lecture series.
  • To advance the status of the profession of economic geology, and to maintain a high professional and ethical standard among its members.

The SEG originated from a 1919 gathering of a group of Geological Society of America (GSA) members who were especially interested in economic geology. The Society was established on December 28, 1920, during a constituting meeting of 60 distinguished professionals, including A.M. Bateman, W.H. Emmons, L.C. Graton, J.F. Kemp, A.C. Lawson, W. Lindgren, R.A.F. Penrose, Jr., R.H. Sales, J.E. Spurr and H.V. Winchell. Today the Society consists of more than 7000 members residing in over 90 countries throughout the world.